Welcome to the world, baby Hallie


We have some exciting news from the Academy for you and we’re super happy to share it with you

Behind the scenes at ATA Beauty, we have a small but hardworking team including the lovely Danielle.  She is our social media guru and all those fantastic posts you see on our Facebook and Instagram feeds are thanks to her.  Who knows how she comes up with such a variety of ideas but we’re really glad she does!

Danielle gave birth to a lovely little baby girl, Hallie Diane Marshall, on 11th July at 2.17pm after an emergency Caesarean section, supported by her husband, Andie.  They said they just knew she would be a girl and couldn’t believe Danielle didn’t suffer with heartburn during her pregnancy with all that hair Hallie was born with!  Now safely home, she is a super-chilled baby who is rarely seen awake and even slept right through her welcoming home party.

Both mummy and daddy are enjoying these precious early weeks with their new baby but, fear not, course information from the academy will continue as Danielle is diligently still posting when little Hallie is feeding and sleeping…thank you, Danielle and thank goodness for that!