Meet student, Julia Haritonova

Julia Haritonova, Founder, Specialising in Remedial, Holistic Treatments, and Yoga

For this month’s blog, we catch up with Julia Haritonova. Julia has completed multiple courses here at ATA Beauty and is now running her own business, Lana’s Holistic Centre.

What courses did you complete at ATA Beauty?
I have completed Level 3 Swedish Massage, Level 3 Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

What was your favourite course and why?  
My favourite course was Level 3 Sports Massage. This course really changed my point of view of the whole massage industry. This course motivated me to increase my knowledge in human anatomy and physiology. Afterwards I have completed a Health and Well-being degree at University of Suffolk during the pandemic of Covid-19. My life changed after this course and only progressing every day, applying alternative medicine not just to my clients but most importantly, myself and my family.

What advice would you give to anybody who is thinking of training in the industry?  
Get your knowledge of human anatomy and physiology first. I believe, anyone who provides any complementary or remedial treatments must have a good understanding of the human body. A one day course is a big no-no for me unless you are competent, knowledgeable and passionate about what you do.

What have you been up to since qualifying? 
Since qualifying I began working as a mobile massage therapist within the Suffolk area. However, in lockdown I used my time wisely and studied from home to increase my knowledge for future. In March 2022, I established my very own massage clinic in Ipswich on St Peter’s Street. Now I am a business woman passionate about alternative medicine, human well-being and yoga.

Do you have a favourite treatment that you love to do?  
I absolutely love hot stone massage. I tend to mix it with a deep tissue massage which helps to aid relaxation as well as tension relief in deeper muscles.

What was it that made you want to join the industry?  
One of my family members had an issue with her shoulder, my husband’s elderly grandmother. I offered her a massage to the area of concern. Afterwards, I was been advised by my family member that I could be good at doing massages. Ever since, I love every day at my clinic treating my clients. This is my passion, this is my everything.

Where do you see yourself in your career in 5 years’ time? 
In 5 years’ time, I see myself…. Sorry, I don’t like to share my plans. Let’s keep it a secret. Less words, more actions. And behind these actions, there is an investment of hard work.

Do you have a favourite memory of your career so far that stands out?  
My favourite memory of my career is the development of Lana’s Holistic Centre. Thank you to my lovely husband for this project’s development. I could not do it without him and the knowledge I gained at Advanced Training Academy.

To find out more about Lana’s Holistic Centre, take a look at their website here